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Sure Tips to Buying the Best Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are one investment that is used daily in the kitchen for cooking and that is why choosing the best quality that is strong,durable and easy to handle is an investment that i don’t mind making.In this article i will share the tips to buying the best kitchen knife sets 2016┬áthat has worked for me.

Kitchen knives are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the specific use.For instance we have a vegetable knife,a chefs knife,and a carving knife. However buying a set of knives that contain the above range is cheaper than buying each one of them. I therefore buy my knives according to the specific function i intend to use it for.

It is important to consider the set that is corrosion resistant┬ábecause I wouldn’t want to buy knives that will let me down by breaking over time. Investing in high quality knives saves me money in the long run even if i bought it expensively. One set that i known to be strong is the Ginsu set. Corrosion resistance is another quality for a good set of knives as this makes the knives to last longer. I easily confirm the knives that are both corrosion resistant and strong by checking the manufacturers guarantee.

Another thing i do before buying a kitchen knife is feeling its weight.If buying the knife for everyday chopping of light ingredients then i go for a light weight chopper.However,for cutting hard food like nuts and palm sugar i would go for the heavy one.

To make sure i am buying quality kitchen knives i check for the balance both in the handle and the blade.I do this by placing my finger at the end of the handle then horizontally holding the knife with the cutting edge facing down. By doing this ,i would know a good quality knife when it balances at that point. A knife that is well balanced makes cutting easier without using much effort.

The ceramic kitchen knives are considered the best quality and i always look for those particular ones whenever i go to the store to buy my kitchen knives.This knives are able to stay sharp for a long time and are also rust free.

In conclusion, I would say that a good quality kitchen knives set is an investment that i will never regret making.I will always go for non stainless steel knives like those made from carbon steel because they are easy to sharpen.

My Amazing Cookware Sets

It has been a long time since I was in the kitchen. My ex wife has always a homely woman, and I found myself spending less and less time in the kitchen each and every day. However, since our divorce the kitchen is seeing a lot more of me. The divorce meant having to move house. In fact, I have had to buy an entirely new house and everything that comes with it.


We had been married for 15 years, during that time; I left all issues concerning the kitchen to my now ex wife. Thus, my reintroduction to the world of kitchenware left me in awe. Today’s kitchenware has so many features to choose from and at such fair prices. They are all so amazing and even harder to comprehend. Since I was beginning from scratch, a lot had to be put in consideration. Viewing of the best cookware set reviews quite important before committing oneself to a certain set. At the very top of the list was my choice of cooking. I have really embraced my carnivorous side since my divorce, all my meals are meat, or contain meat. My meals for the last 15 years have been green and tasteless, not that I have anything against healthy meals. But now, almost all my meals are dry fried, shallow fried or deep fried. Thus, my choice of pans was thorough.

I also had to make sure not to overdo everything. Hence, my extensive knowledge of what was otherwise, uncharted territory. I came to understand fancy terms that were in real sense quite simple. Some lingo was really quite unnecessary, as were some pieces in certain cookware sets. Avoiding non essential buying of utensils became as important as understanding what I was buying. Even more important was handling the utensils before purchase; this gives one a feel of what it would be like using the utensils in the kitchen. Even the look of the utensil is now a factor to consider. With so many varieties, the practicality of the item is almost as important as its look. The material making up the item is of primary importance; especially, the material that makes up the handle. These are the most important; however, the rim, lids and side walls are just as important factors to consider during purchase. Changes in technology have affected cookware too e.g. built-in thermometers in a lids knob.

Best Small Rice Cooker I Have Ever Owned

My small rice cooker is the single most important kitchen appliance I own. Over the past few years, I have gotten into the habit of eating rice at almost every meal, sometimes even for breakfast. I eat rice with seaweed, rice with curry, rice with steamed vegetables, rice with soup, rice with chili – basically anything that you can think of. It’s easy to make (with the right cooker), filling, delicious, and cheap, so why not? This predilection for rice has given me a certain kind of expertise in the best small rice cooker, which I am going to share with you now, because, in my opinion, everyone needs rice in their life.

The single best small rice cooker I’ve ever owned (and actually still do) is the wonderful Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-cup rice cooker and warmer. What can I say? The Japanese know their rice. It’s the right size for a single person living alone, and I’ve been using it daily for two years and it hasn’t broken down on me yet.

When I first started buying my own cookers, I went to Walmart and bought a cheap $30 plastic bucket looking thing. I thought, “It’s just a rice cooker. It’s not like there’s much of a difference between the cheap and expensive ones. Rice is rice.” I was wrong. The cheap cooker broke down in a matter of weeks, and I can say with some certainty that the rice that I get out of the NS-LAC05XT tastes much better than the rice I got out of the plastic bucket. It is as they say – you get what you pay for.

The NS-LAC05XT is a little on the expensive side. It retails on Amazon for $150, but believe me, it’s worth it. Just imagine this little scenario (which happened to me in real life): you’re driving home after a long day of work. You’re tired, hungry and already imagining what it will be like to walk into your apartment, go to the kitchen and reward yourself with a big bowl of hot, steaming rice, with a side of instant curry. Instead, you arrive home to a pile of cold, uncooked rice because your cheap Walmart rice cooker decided to break down while you were away, and now you’re stuck with gross instant noodles.

The Zojirushi cooker is the best small rice cooker ever. It hasn’t let me down yet. So if you’re into rice, go check it out!

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How We Started A Profitable Kitchen Knives Store In Town

Although, I am one of the most successful kitchen knives store owners in town. My journey to the top has not been easy. The day I was dismissed from work is still stuck in mind my mind like yesterday. I was long time marketer to one of the biggest kitchen knives suppliers in town and my job description was simple. My work was to go through some of the kitchen knives reviews and make sure I bring them into our stores. However, one day I was seated in my office just like any other day when my secretary came in holding something in hands which I could see it was a letter. I opened the letter immediately and what followed left me trembling; I had been dismissed from work. Without wasting time I packed my belonging and left for home.

Two days after that fateful day, my wife thought if something was not done as soon as possible, I was headed to destruction. I was so stressed up and I spent most of my time sleeping. She came into our bedroom. We talked for a couple of minutes and she in later suggested that we also opened a family business just like the one I had been working for years. I liked her idea and the good thing we had one of the best spots in town; all we needed was furnishing, stocking and maybe one or two employees. When the place was ready we embarked on the search for the best knives for our customers. We combed through several kitchen knives reviews and at the end we singled out the best of the best. (More: How to choose the right knife for your job)

7 months down the line and thanks to some of the best kitchen knives reviews we go through on daily, our business is destined for greatness. As a matter of fact, if things go the way we are expecting, we are seeing ourselves venturing into new markets.

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