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For the Love of Coffee: The Best Espresso Maker Review

If you love coffee like I do then I suppose you know about the importance of an early morning fix! Nothing gets me going like a good cup of espresso. I’m sure by the time you’re reading this you’ve probably gone through some best espresso maker reviews website or two… but I believe I can make things easier for you.

See the thing about any espresso machine out there is the convenience and ease of use. There are digital and fully programmable espresso machines as well as manual ones for the more experienced “home baristas”. A programmable espresso machine is probably what you will need. Why? You don’t need to remember the perfect recipe and quantities that produced the best brew. Just key in your preferences and bam! You can continuously have your favorite concoction with just a touch of a button.


The Breville Barista-Express BES-860XL espresso machine is a top class coffee brewers the market has received so far! It stores your coffee beans in a tightly sealed large-size hopper to keep them fresh for long without the need for refills. I use this espresso machine every time I go to my sister’s and I love the results it produces. The aromatic fresh beans coffee can make anyone’s taste buds do a backflip! The good thing with this espresso machine is that it switches between manual and automatic.

Past experiences with the Rancilio-Silvia espresso machine weren’t that bad either although the thing was too damn heavy! Cleaning it wasn’t so hard making it very easy to maintain and that’s why I gave it to my grandparents.

I had saved up close to 8 months to get myself the Nespresso espresso machines, it’s the most easy espresso machine to use and also very affordable. But the king of espresso is this Saeco Xelsis, this is the king of all espresso machines the world over. Picture this… the Saeco Xelsis stores up to 6 different profiles and all it needs to do is identify each stored fingerprint to make everyone their favorite cup! How cool is that? And that’s not all… each stored profile can further have 9 different mixtures (coffee qualities) saved up under their individual profile! You just have to buy this espresso machine to fully understand what I’m talking about.

Any other good espresso machines out there?

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