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Why I Am Very Pleased With My New Cuisinart Bread Maker

Before I decided to purchase it, my wife and I spent many days reading the best bread makers reviews I can find online. I finally bought it three months ago. I use it twice a week and so far, I have truly loved it. I like making cinnamon raisin bread and beer bread, and every loaf I have made has been aromatic and delicious. Right now I do not even need another air freshener, I just love the smell of making bread!

I have purchased different bread makers before and to be sincere, not all impressed me. After gone through the Cuisinart bread machine reviews, I decided to choose the Cuisinart CBK-200 because it had some qualities that really impressed me. It is weighty, a solidly constructed piece and nice looking on the counter. It is quite different from other bread makers that are made of plastic and doesn’t last an amount of time equivalent to their price tags.

Before going out to shop, I had in mind that there are some noisy bread makers that shifted around the counter. This is not a speculation, but it is a real concern my wife and I had. I was concerned because I wanted to make the best decision I can. In the end, am very pleased with the decision I made and my wife is thrilled with it too.

Just like some reviewers mentioned before, I have noticed that I cannot change some of the options mid-cycle. I love baking, and I think even at three to four loaves a week for the next two years, am not going to have those reviewers expertise to make mid-cycle decisions.

For the price, I am electrified with what I have gotten back. Am persuaded that the convention oven aspect of the appliance only adds to the diligence of the baking. The crusts come out exactly how I want them to, and the bread is delicious. I wish the machine would cut the bread, too!

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